NWP Property offers three types of leasing services: Regular, Casual and Creative.

Regular Leasing allows tenants to serve their customers in an engaging store setting. Casual Leasing enables tenants to rent commercial stalls at the mall’s common area or at designated spaces during special events. Meanwhile, Creative Leasing is a form of Casual Leasing with shop-in-shop-concept, where all stores are designed and prepared by NWP Property.

All three leasing services provide both convenience and benefit for businesses according to their needs and target market.


NWP Property provides opportunities for brands and businesses to advertise within the shopping malls’ area.

A great medium to reach all age levels, the advertisement options are varied and multimedia, from staircase ads and elevator wrap to banner and billboard.

Besides the in-mall media placement, brands can also advertise through our malls’ digital platforms: Facebook and Instagram.