Foodciti Sampit Info


NWP Retail’s owned foodcourt, Foodciti is now open in Sampit.

Located on Citimall Sampit ground floor, the foodcourt boasts a variety of culinary options from around the archipelago.

With a cozy and colorful atmosphere, Foodciti reign its status as the first modern culinary center in Sampit City.

Customers can enjoy the savory Rawon soup and Soto Jawa from East Java in Dapoer Becha, or taste the spicy Duck Rica-Rica and Fresh Water Prawn Rica-Rica typical of North Sulawesi in Depot 31.

Cobek Kitchen offers food that is not less tempting. Among others, Empal Penyet, Kalasan Fried Chicken, Sayur Asem Jakarta and Tendon Soup.

Angkringan Javas offers a selection of food that can be tailored to the wishes of customers. Various menus such as shrimp, chicken fritters, beef tendon or squid can be combined with Nasi Bakar. Not only that, customers can also enjoy Yellow Rice, Tempe Mendoan, Chicken Satay and Chicken Wings at Sinyo outlets.

Foodciti also offers various choices of meatball soup at Bakso Timbul outlet. Among others, Jumbo Meatball Soup, Meatball Ribs Soup, and Tripe Meatball Soup.

Nasi Goreng Raja offers a wide variety of rice dishes and fried noodles, such as Javanese Fried Rice, Seafood Fried Rice and Fried Fish Fried Rice. The stall also serves various noodle menu, such as Chicken Curry Noodle, Javanese Fried Noodle and Seafood Fried Noodle.

West Sumatran dish, such as Rendang is available at Kedai Rin’s. Customers can also try the Ayam Gulung, Soto Ayam, Sop Mutiara and Black Pepper Beef at this tavern.

Various Kalimantan style freshwater delicacies served in Kampung Oelin. Customers can choose varieties of freshwater fish deepfried, with sweet sour sauce or oyster sauce.

Zuppa & Ice Mie stall offers Zuppa Soup and Mozzarella Stick which is perfect as an appetizer. Hot Plate Noodles is the main menu of this outlet. Customers can order Ice Noodle or Es Teler, which is a favorite.

Foodciti also bring live music every afternoon for a more comfortable dining experience with colleagues or family.